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Our Trip to Poland, 2006

Between 6 and 22 August 2006 we – Alison, the kids and me – visited Prague, eastern Poland and Berlin.

While not primarily aimed at seeing things relating to the Pygmy Wars, the itinerary was chosen to specifically see a couple of things relating to them.


Warsaw Army Museum

This has a great display of 1914–1920 materials, including quite a few flags.

Kraków National Museum

A few photos of 1919–1920 uniforms.

My big day out at Komarów

A trip to the site of the famous battlefield, with pictures.

The countryside

Other photos of the landscape in the east.

Buildings of the 1920 period

I only inflicted one skansen (ethnographic museum) on my family, but I also took some shots of buildings we passed on the other days.

Terrain for the 1920 war

Just some thoughts about what I saw and how I might recreate it on a table.

Where we went and what we saw

The full version, but with the Pygmy Wars history and wargaming bits mostly left out.
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