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Sources for Orders of Battle

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Polish-Soviet War

For detailed numbers of the Soviet side the book by Kakurin and Melikov, Гражданская Война В России: Война С Белополяками (Civil War in Russia: War with the White Poles), has extensive numbers in the appendices. I'm not sure that all the Polish ones are entirely accurate, however.

Battle of the Niemen orbat  for the Poles at Wikipedia.

Russian Civil War

The Barrage Site has some good stuff, including a full mid-1919 order of battle for Kolchak's Army.

Yahoo RussianCivilWar : a non-political discussion group dedicated to the Russian Civil War, has orbats in the message archives and files for most of the main White armies, and a few Red ones.

The Trans-Dnepr Operation by Tom Hillman has good orbats in the back relating to the forces involved.


The Role of M.N. Tukhachevskii in the Suppression of the Kronstadt Rebellion by Neil Croll in Revolutionary Russia, Vol 17, No. 2, Dec 2004 is easily the best source of unit information on the Soviet side that I have seen.
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