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Discussion Groups

When you have a question or just to plunder the archives:

Yahoo RussianCivilWar : a non-political discussion group dedicated to the Russian Civil War and related conflicts. A treasure trove of material hides already in the previous posts.

Axis History Forum : A non-political discussion group with sections on the Freikorps and the "Interwar" period. The Russian Civil War is also often discussed in the Soviet Union at War 1917-1945.


Berkeley University maps : topographical maps of the Ukraine and the Russian Caucus, which cover most of the areas that the V.A. and A.F.S.R. campaigned in (unfortunately not Orel) plus the southern theatre of the 1920 Polish-Soviet War, Makhno's campaigns and the French Intervention. Applicable to WWII as well, of course. (Update: it appears that the south Russian and Ukrainian maps are no longer on-line to the general public at the moment. Just as well I downloaded them all - send me a mail if you want a particular map.)

Genealogy Unlimited : have cheap modern topographic maps of Poland.

Jana Seta map shop : I have used for paper copies of ex-Soviet maps of the Baltic coast area, though they do much more. Send them an e-mail in English. Very cheap and quick.

3rd Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary pre-WWI topographical maps of most of central Europe, extending well into Russia and Ukraine.

Geonames index : helps one find those hard to locate little villages, particularly since it has the historical names as well as the modern ones (just be careful to remember that countries have changed borders a lot since 1920).


Perfect Captain and Perfect Captain's Yahoo Group : fabulous rules with great graphics.

Hodgenet : Some inspiration to get your figures done.

Jackson Gamers
: Guys who were into the RCW before it was trendy. Free rules, book reviews, scenarios and more.

Kriegsspiel News : Wargaming the Kriegspiel way.

Peter Pig : Where I get nearly all my figures (15mm).

The Great Adventure : Gaming the period using 20mm plastic and Great War Spearhead rules.

On-line Flags

Gauntlet International : Craig Martelle's stuff.

Dansk Figurspilsforenings : Danish Wargames Group. Go to "RCW" in "Downloads".

Vexillographia site (in Russian): especially check out the pages relating to the White Movement, Red Army symbolism and Gosobrazovany.


Military History Books sell some of the more specialised books on the Pygmy Wars, specifically the translated copies of Deryabin's uniform books and Tom Hillman's books on armoured cars, the Kornilovs and the Trans-Dnepr Operation.


Produkin-Gorskii collection : amazing period photos, searchable by theme or location. Great for pictures of houses and villages.

Encyclopedia of Ukraine

Not Pygmy Wars

Nothing to do with the Pygmy Wars, but things I like:

Kapiti Fusiliers : wargaming as it should be

Shattered Lances : I like history-heavy wargames sites and period specific rule sets.

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