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Tank Scenarios


Amended Larry Leadhead

I don't do tank scenarios sorry. The realistic effect of tanks in the Pygmy Wars is to crush all before them, right up to the moment they are neutralised (or more likely, break down). To me, that makes for poor games.

You could try playing WWII, I hear that there are lots of scenarios involving tanks in that!

More realistically ...

The Red Verdun article in WI and one for the attack on Kakhovka in Tom Hillman's Trans-Dnepr Operation relate to the historical use of tanks. 

The Shinkarenko article in this site's history section also contains a battle that could be easily adapted. Unusually this involves tanks in the open, rather than the assault of a fortified position.

The Battle of Warsaw saw the Poles use FT-17's a few times. The French used them a couple of times in Odessa too, and How Odessa Became Red relates some of these.
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