Uniforms and Flags


I would like to thank Barend Janssen, who drew up some lovely uniform schemes and put in an enormous number of hours of research, for all the work he did in preparing this section.

Cossack and Native Uniforms

This includes pretty much every unit that fought in the RCW that was either Cossack or fought as part of a Cossack army.

Each section includes their uniforms, information on flags we know they flew, and notes on the history of the Hosts.


A page on the peculiarities of the Russian shoulderboards (pogony).

White Flags and Tsarist Flags

Notes on the types of flags flown by the Whites in the Civil War. And because they kept Imperial practice, a page on that system.

Sources for Whites

Books and Websites useful for uniforms (and flags and unit histories) of the anti-Bolshevik armies.


Warsaw Army Museum

1914-1918 Uniforms
1919-1920 Uniforms
1919-1920 Flags
1919-1920 Weapons

The Polish National Army Museum is a must-visit site for any fan of military history. I could have spent a whole day there, but sadly my family is not as obsessed about the Russian Civil War as I am.

These are photos I took, with notes, of Pygmy Wars relevant stuff. These are all picture heavy and quite large pages.

Krakow National Museum

1914-1920 Uniforms
Inter-war Flags

Photos I took, with notes, of stuff in the Krakow National Museum. Not a patch on the Warsaw Army Museum for military stuff, but nice in other regards.


Interesting wargames units

Suggested historical units which give variety to your armies but slightly different from the usual Kornilovs in the West and the ubiquitous Mad Baron out East.