Sources of Information for the Pygmy Wars

Books and articles

Books, magazines and journals on the Pygmy Wars. There are more than you might think, although many are hard to find.


Various internet resources.

Great books to buy on the Pygmy Wars

Books for sale by me or my friends.

Books I can't find

Books I can't locate (or, at least, not at a reasonable price). I would be grateful to anyone who could advise me about them.

Genealogy Research

Every now and again I get asked questions about the Pygmy Wars and generally I'm happy to oblige as much as I can.

However I don't have the ability to track people. If you are looking for help in finding information about a person in the Russian Civil War, then Dimitry Belanovsky is one name I have been given. He has access to the Russian Archives and other sources. He can be contacted at belan[at]bk[dot]ru.