History Section

Pages dealing with various campaigns, battles and units.

1918 Battlesnew

A discussion on the nature of the early war, and articles on various battles and small campaigns from that period.

The Defence of Orenburgnew

An account of the successful defence of Orenburg by the Soviets in mid-1919.

The Semirechye in the RCWnew

Articles about the history of the Semirechye/Turkestan area, and the Semirechensk Cossack Host that fought local Reds for control of it.

Makhno and the Battle of Peregenovkanew

Various materials around Makhno, and in particular his greatest military success.

Drujina Thesis on North-West Armynew

An account of the fortunes of the White armies in the North-West of Russia, and their attacks on Petrograd.

The Ural Cossacks

The theatre of Chapaev and Frunze, rather neglected in most non-Russian histories of the war.

Polish-Soviet War of 1920

Some Polish studies of the Battle of Warsaw and the situation which led Pilsudski to offer battle there.

Bulak-Balakovich and the NDA

A look at one of the great adventurers of the Russian Civil War and his involvement in one of the least known campaigns.

Astrakhan' and the lower Volga in 1919

While the campaigns of Denikin in the Ukraine and Wrangel near Tsaritsyn were under way, there was also quite a lot of fighting around Astrakhan. This section links some information relating to that – although not in anything like a systematic manner.

Latvia 1919

A study of the Freikorps campaigns in the Baltic in 1919, with particular attention to the Battle of Cēsis.

Poland's Eastern Borders in 1919

An introduction to the campaigns Poland fought against Galician Ukraine and the Soviets in 1919.

Soviet Hungary vs Romania 1919

Some details on the war which brought down Bela Kun's Soviet Hungarian government and led to the annexation of the disputed Transylvanian territory Romania.

Dobrynin on the Don Cossack Host

A translation of Colonel Dobrynin's book about the Don Cossacks' war with Soviet Russia.

The Battle of Komarów/Cześniki

The most famous action of the Soviet-Polish War of 1920 analysed in some detail.

Articles on cavalry in the Pygmy Wars

Some articles discussing cavalry in the Russian Civil War and Russo-Polish War. They include both technical discussions and examples of actual operations.

Eyewitnesses to the Pygmy Wars

Short accounts of the various campaigns by people who were actually there.