Gaming the Pygmy Wars

Sections of the site relating to wargaming.

My version of Red Actions!

These an amended set of the Red Actions! rules. The mechanics are indentical to the original, with minor changes for personal preference, and the addition of rules to allow bigger games.

Army Lists

These are some army lists I wrote for the armies of the Russian Civil War (and the related conflicts in the Baltic and Poland). They can be used with other rulesets than Red Actions, provided your base units are the company, squadron and battery.

Red Actions! cards

These are unofficial amendments to the Red Actions! set of unit and officer values. They are pretty much required if you intend to use my army lists for RA! games.

Rules for the Pygmy Wars

A fairly comprehensive list of rules used by table-top gamers for the Pygmy Wars.

Boardgames for the Pygmy Wars

A fairly comprehensive list of boardgames for the Pygmy Wars.

Playing games by e-mail

A bit about how I played Kriegsspiel-style games by e-mail.

15mm figures for the RCW

The figures I used for my armies, mostly Peter Pig.

Pictures of my terrain

A look at my terrain: in which I use 10mm/N scale terrain with 15mm figures.