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Cards for Red Actions!

These are the cards I use for Red Actions!. They represent my views only, and are not official. Many of the cards do not exist in the original game and others have been altered slightly. If you have any questions about why I have used the values I have, or you think I have made a mistake, contact me.

Unit cards

They are in .bmp format, which makes them quite large files, but I have zipped them to make them more manageable (now ranging from 200 to 800 KB). These files will open in a new window.

Reds  – all fronts of the Russian Civil War.

Whites – including Czech Legion.

Poles  – eastern fronts only.

Baltic 1919 – the Baltic Freikorps and their Estonian and Latvian opponents.

Ukrainians – the UGA and UNR forces.

Weapons – standard items, like armoured cars, plus alternative tachanka cards.

Partisans – Makhno from the standard set, plus some lower grade Greens.

Notes regarding the changes to unit cards

I tend to fiddle around with the values on the cards, as new situations arise, so the cards are prone to change at any time. However, nothing has been added or changed since early 2006.

The points I associate with each unit and the general scheme of their values is laid out as an appendix in my army lists. However, the full reasoning can also be found here:

Notes regarding the reasons for my changes

Officer chits

I have expanded the Officers range, as I need more than were offered in the original set. Again they are zip files of bmp format – ranging from 200 to 350 KB in size. These files will open in a new window.

Reds and Whites  

Baltic 1919

Poles and Ukrainians

Extra set – all nationalities

Notes regarding the changes to officer chits

The specific Red, White and Polish officer sets includes the original sets plus others which follow the original set of values.

The Ukrainian set is entirely new. Their poor values represents the difficulty both the UGA and UNR had in finding trained and motivated officers.

The Baltic set includes the full original Freikorps set, marked with a small grey dot, plus a few extras of a generally lower value.

I have marked the Nationalist officer markers with an initial for their race: E = Estonian, L = Latvian, B = Balt (i.e. local German), J = Jewish, S = Scandinavian (both local and foreign volunteer) and R = Russian. The first E and L series are the values of the original nationalist set, except the -2 Estonian is a -1. The aim of the S, B, J and R officers is to allow a gamer to tilt the average up or down depending on your view of how good the armies were at a particular time.

The "extra" set all have a morale rating of "0" and are specifically for reducing the range of values in the original sets. They are marked by a small dot to enable identification (greenish rather than the grey for the first Freikorps set).

The officer names I have added are almost all those of actual officers.

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