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Pictures of my Miniatures

The aim of these pictures is not to show off my painting. I'm a relatively good painter, but since my intention was always to paint large armies of Reds, Whites and Nationalist factions, I had to compromise a bit on quality this time round. But the real problem is that my camera is really not up to photographing such small objects. Instead I hope to show some figures not otherwise easily found on the web or which are a bit different.
N scale armoured train
Scratchbuilt train for 15mm
My improvised armoured train, scratch built on N scale railway carriages. The advantage of using N scale is that the train is rather a lot shorter than if I used a larger scale and, in any case, since I have opted for N scale terrain I really had to go for this size. The disadvantage, apart from expense, is that it took quite a lot of work to get the Peter Pig figures into such small carriages. (It is priceless seeing the look on the face of the railway enthusiasts when you tell them that you want to buy a second-hand engine but that you don't mind how broken it is!)
Skytrex plane
White plane

Skytrex 1:144 scale planes. Cheap and easy to build.
"Spike" riverboat
Easily the most useless thing in my collection. I don't really know what I was thinking. It's a "Spike" in 1:144 scale from some outfit in Moldova, and they were used on the larger rivers and lakes in the RCW.
Two RCW armoured cars
To the left a scratch build armoured car, representing one of the many improvised types used, using a Peter Pig Belgian armoured car as a base. To the right the Peter Pig Austin-Putilov.
Peter Pig staff carriage
The Peter Pig staff carriage, lightly converted, and with stationary rather than running horses. A nice model for Commissar Voroshilov to drive up in. The PP tachanka uses the same carriage, and also comes with either stationary or running horses.
Really useful guns in 15mm
Heavy howitzers from Really Useful Guns. Crew represent Whites in British uniforms.
Dismounted RCW cavalry

You need lots of these if you have cavalry, since RCW cavalry often dismounted. The horses are Peter Pig from the ACW range; the holders are a standard bearer (without standard obviously) and Red artillery figure.
PP limber
Peter Pig RCW limber
That nice Martin at Peter Pig made these because I asked for them. The standard limber pack comes with four horses but I make my ones with six, as above (which is the historical amount). I then made a pair of stationary limber models (using the standing horses from the tachanka option and a remade limber without crew sitting on it) to act for when the guns are unlimbered. Another pair of models using the running horses from the tachankas is used to represent my horse guns. The gun is a PP 18-pdr.
External links
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Plus there are a few figures of mine in my terrain page.

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